I wrote this on my Facebook Note seven months ago and I think it would be cool to share it here too.Saturday, September 3, 2016

I learnt something glorious today from our first study verse James 2:17-22. Always knew that Faith without works is dead. KJV keeps saying works so it makes me focus on faith more than works. I never looked further into the meaning of works until I used the Easy English version. The EasyEnglish Version just simplifies and explains the KJV. So I read both now. To GOD, without charity our confessions and faith will come to nothing. In verse 25, GOD even called a harlot good for her good works. Wow. I am not saying be a harlot but it goes to show how GOD values charity and love. That’s why we often ask why some rich get richer and some faithful poor Christians get poorer. It’s in the Bible, its more blessed to give than to receive. Read below what James wrote to the Christians.

17 Perhaps you say that you believe. But you do not do good things. That is not worth anything. Christians must do good things. In that way, they show that they really believe in God. 18 Someone will say, ‘You believe in God but I help people.’ Show me that you believe in God. You cannot show me that if you are not doing any good things. But I will show you that I believe in God. I will show it to you when I help people. 19 You believe that there is one God. Good! The *demons believe that, and it makes them very afraid. 20 You silly person, you should not need me to show you these facts. You may say that you believe. But, if you do not do good things, that is not worth anything. 25 It was the same with Rahab. She was a person that men paid to have sex with her. But some *Jews came to her. And then she did something that made God happy. They were enemies of her people and they had come to look at her city. To make God happy, she let them stay in her house. She kept them safe. Then she sent them back by a different way. So, because she did that, God called her good. (James 2:17-22 EasyEnglish Version)

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