Suddenly the world made much more sense when I realized in me that we are only here for a-100-years test. All questions answered.

Questions like: why is there so much suffering and hate in some people? Why this terror and death? Why should any kid suffer pain or fear? Suddenly it all made sense. We are all here for a 100-Years-Test. Some don’t even get to stay up to 100.

Satan has already been called the prince of this world. Why try to be super happy and super content here? HE already told us HE’s going to prepare a place for us.

When we see with the Eyes of GOD, We would understand that 100 years compared to the great eternity he has prepared for us is but bread.

Suddenly it feels like I see JESUS cheering us all from Heaven. Saying “You can do this”. Suddenly the world feels much better. Suddenly there’s a reason to love more.

Let’s all endure to the end #100YearsTest

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Jul 30, 2018 at 4:53 PM

good article very hopeful


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